Kristin Pazulski

Renaissance Woman of the Writerly Sort
Denver, Colo.
Kristin Pazulski is a Philadelphia native, Los Angeles escapee, and Colorado transplant. Professionally, she's a writer, marketer, editor, event planner, grant manager, and more. Personally, she tries to be a great friend, an impartial advice giver, and a reliable presence. Grammatically, the Oxford comma should be given free reign, the double space is never ok.


Kristin Pazulski

Grant Management
Adobe Creative Suite
Graphic Design
Media Relations
AP Style
Event Planning
Digital Marketing
Social Media
Nonprofit Management
Board Management
Volunteer Management

Kristin Pazulski has held a number of writing and communications positions since her graduation from Elizabethtown College in 2005, all of which have developed a renaissance-woman-like skill set that includes budgeting, event planning, nonprofit management, fundraising, writing, editing, grant management, and lots more.

Through editorial and marketing positions, she has honed skills in writing, copyediting, and deadline management. And as a former director, she understands the application of those skills in business development.

Being technologically curious, she's intuitive with software and strives to not only learn new software, but also master it. She's done this with DonorTools, Adobe Creative Suite, Salesforce, and SquareSpace, to name a few. She project-led a implementation and data migration at the Louis Calder Foundation, and manages the database, understanding the necessary importance of integrity, consistency, and accuracy to a successful data venture.

As director of the Denver VOICE, she self-taught most of the skills that led to a successful resurrection of the financially struggling nonprofit.

One of her biggest strengths is fostering genuine relationships. As a reporter and public relations assistant, she has cultivated trusting, reliable relationships. Those skills were strengthened while managing the VOICE's diverse group of stakeholders, including homeless individuals and board members.

Details about these experiences can be viewed on her resume, found by clicking the little page icon on the right.